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1 million people who visit Australian hospitals each year have diabetes. That means 10% of hospital stays are people living with diabetes who are relying on staff to manage their condition.


In hospitals, staff are required to manage and administer all medicines. This means people living with diabetes are not permitted to inject their own insulin, or check their blood glucose levels during their hospital stay.


The intention behind this requirement is to keep people safe. But if a person needs insulin and it’s not administered at the correct time, this can impact their immediate physical and emotional health.


You can imagine the anxiety and helplessness people feel when they lose control of their treatment and their body.


When someone from our diabetes community comes to us with stories of diabetes management in hospital, Rebekah Henricksen, our Policy and Advocacy Manager, is the person who champions their cause to decision-makers in government.


Diabetes is a medical diagnosis, but it comes with a whole raft of other issues, largely as a result of the fact that people don’t understand diabetes. My aim is to tackle those issues: discrimination, isolation, access to services; and bring diabetes back as close as possible to simply a medical diagnosis,” says Rebekah.


We may not have the cure for diabetes yet, but we do have this way of making people’s lives better right now.”


Please donate today to help us see people’s needs are met in hospital and in every other setting where the attitudes, expectations and behaviour of others could stop them living their best lives.

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