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Nine-year-old Molly lives with type 1 diabetes. Her blood glucose levels are checked at breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and nightly, including at 3am. That’s 35 finger pricks a week – 140 a month.


On top of the physical discomfort, Molly experiences a deeper hurt. The invitations from friends to sleepovers, birthday parties and playdates have stopped. Molly is often excluded because of her diabetes.


Molly’s family jumped at the chance to attend their first DiaBuddies Day last Christmas. DiaBuddies Days are great fun and allow kids living with type 1, siblings and parents to connect with others who are on a similar journey.


With your help, we plan to host Queensland DiaBuddies Days in 2019.


Molly’s mum, Kirsty, explains:

“It’s great to have programs like the DiaBuddies Days, where kids meet diabetes educators and other children their own age living with the same condition. DiaBuddies Days help kids establish connections and friendships that are critical for them to grow into mentally strong adults.”


Please donate today to make DiaBuddies Days possible for people like Molly and her family.

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